Mobile CCTV Trailers: Rent vs Buy

By Lee Stauss Updated on July 03, 2021

Mobile CCTV towers are super-effective at preventing theft and vandalism at locations where power isn’t available. They make it more affordable to provide round-the-clock surveillance because they cost less than hiring live guards. Unlike a fixed system, a mobile CCTV tower can be moved around, especially if the company has several sites that require surveillance. They’re ideal for construction and civil engineering companies working on various sites in the field or any business requiring flexible surveillance at its premises.

Core Surveillance Trailer Components

A mobile CCTV tower comprises several components that enable accurate monitoring and recording of events on the said premises. Here they are.

  • Chassis

The chassis is the housing for all the components of the mobile CCTV tower. The items that are not housed in the chassis are mounted on a mast attached to the mast. The chassis protects components from weather elements enables easy transport.

  • Power System

The system requires a stable power source that will work round the clock. Most surveillance companies use onboard generators and backup batteries to power their surveillance equipment. Some also use solar panels to power the system.

  • Cellular Communication & Networking

A cellular communication allows the team monitoring your site or premises to get access to the chassis, cameras, and footage. The surveillance systems are connected either to a wide area network or to an onboard SIM-enabled cellular module.

  • Cameras and Video Analytics

A mobile tower may have various types of cameras, depending on the property under surveillance. Common types of cameras include PTZ, bullet, and dome cameras. In addition, the system comes with video analytics software. The software enables you to determine events like loitering, abandoned objects at the site, or follow a person or a car throughout the premises. It also allows the surveillance system to communicate with other security systems such as the alarm and fire detection systems.

  • Monitoring

Professionals operating the mobile CCTV tower monitor events at the site through alarms that are triggered when advanced video analytics are triggered. When they detect events on the site, they review the video clip of the triggering event and then take a pre-determined action in real-time. The massive value gained by the owners or users of the cctv tower is paid in the form of immediate response through loudspeaker and flashing lights that threaten the intruder with police response if they don’t leave.

Do You Build or Rent a Mobile CCTV Trailer?

You may rent or build a surveillance system, each with different benefits and downsides. One of the driving factors is whether the organization prefers to capitalize the expense or operationalize it. Securing equipment financing with good terms might be a low-risk way to get started.

Renting a Mobile CCTV Tower


  • Rapid set up at the site and takedown after completing your work
  • Ability to monitor various sites at once
  • Ability to monitor remote sites that are off the grid
  • It saves you from the cost of purchasing equipment and installing it
  • It gives the company access to new CCTV technologies


  • The power sources require regular replenishing
  • There is a recurring cost for leasing the system

Building a Mobile CCTV Tower

You may consider building a mobile CCTV tower rather than leasing one. The decision can be informed by several reasons as explained below.

  • If you require continuous surveillance all year round, building a unit may be cheaper than renting one.
  • Construction companies who are always on the move may consider building towers than renting them for every project they handle.
  • If you wish to customize a tower to meet specific requirements, such as using different power sources, incorporating thermal imaging cameras or two-way communication devices, building a tower is the best option.

Determine whether to build or rent a mobile CCTV tower using the guidelines above.