How Entrepreneurs Can Use Mobile Surveillance Towers for Rent to Generate Passive Income

By Lee Stauss Updated on June 28, 2024

Entrepreneurs who offer mobile surveillance towers for rent can make up to $4000/month RMR.

If there’s one thing that can be said about “passive” income, it’s that it takes some hard work to achieve it in the first place.

That’s why you want to make the “right” choice when it comes to investing your time and money into something.

Sure, you could take the traditional route and sock it all away into the stock market, but you’re an entrepreneur – that’s just not for you.

And, really, without some level of sophistication and research (also known as work), your so-called “passive” income from the stock market is anything but that.

So you really don’t have many choices when it comes to making a substantial amount of money on the side while requiring as little of your own time and resources as possible.

But one option that I’ve found that has changed my life and is something you never hear anyone else talk about is the business of offering a mobile surveillance tower for rent.

Never heard of them before?

Let me explain what a mobile surveillance tower is and three ways you can make a great passive income from it.

What is a Surveillance/Security Trailer?

A surveillance/security trailer is an on-site platform that allows for site surveillance, security, or a combination of the two.

Often deployed to construction sites and other areas with minimal infrastructure for providing such services, these trailers help protect against security threats, can stream live video, and work via solar power.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “That sounds great, but how do I make money with a mobile surveillance tower for rent?

3 Ways to Profit From Mobile Surveillance Towers for Rent

  1. Finance a Unit and Rent it for $2000-4000 per Month
  • Perhaps the easiest way to do this (if you have the money), simply purchase a trailer and rent it out for anywhere from $2000 to $4000 per month. It couldn’t be any more straightforward thank that. Now, obviously, there will be some maintenance issues here and there, and finding clients might be challenging in the beginning, but the work you’ll put in compared with the return you will receive makes it more than worth it.
  1. Partner with a Dealer and Resell/Rent for RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue)
  • If you don’t have the capital, but you do have a network (or are building one) of potential clients, then you might consider partnering with a security trailer dealer and resell or lease them for recurring monthly revenue or RMR. Sometimes, the partner might have a white-label program where they maintain ownership of the inventory, but you can sell or rent the trailers for a profit. This aspect is based largely upon both your ability to sell the trailers as well as find willing buyers.
  1. Build a Unit and Rent It Out
  • Being smart with your money is never a dumb decision and that’s why building your own mobile surveillance towers may be the best option if you are looking to make some money with as little initial capital outlay as possible. The best part about this route is that you can control what features your trailer has and how it all works. Plus, you can choose the OEMs and make sure you offer the most cost-effective, highest-quality product possible. The downside, however, is the massive time investment you’ll need to make in order to become a subject matter expert on every aspect of the system before you earn your first dollar. You’ll be learning, building, and prospecting for customers all at the same time.


The security trailer rental industry is booming and it’s not hard to see why. They offer an affordable way for entrepreneurs with a network of potential clients to make up to $4000/month RMR by simply renting out or reselling trailers that are already equipped with video analytics, cameras, and loudspeakers. If you want the freedom from having your own equipment while still making good money on the side then this might be perfect for you! Get started today by reaching out to a manufacturer so they can show you how it all works. Who knows? You may find yourself becoming an expert at securing mobile surveillance towers before long!