What You Should Know About Mobile CCTV Trailers

By Lee Stauss Updated on July 01, 2021

Over the last few years, the popularity of Mobile Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance trailers has increased. They have many uses, from asset protection in construction sites to providing security during events. And the recent advancements in technology have made many people opt for CCTV surveillance. Whether you need cheap or expensive equipment, you will want reliable CCTV camera trailers.

Besides the traditional uses of surveillance and security they are useful in tasks such as real-time monitoring, traffic and pedestrian counts, and road network surveillance. So, what are mobile CCTV trailers and their applications?

What are Mobile CCTV Trailers?

CCTV cameras are mounted to the mobile trailers. They record the surroundings and provide continuous access and vision. The recorded videos can be stored locally or in the cloud. And considering the advanced technology in the world today, you can monitor your desired assets or location 24/7 without being in the location physically.

These CCTV systems are portable and can be moved from one place to another with ease. They are ideal for long-term surveillance, and you can tailor them to suit your needs. They have numerous applications in the modern world, from the construction industry to road traffic monitoring.

How do they Work?

Mobile CCTV trailers are an affordable and effective solution to protect your business assets. They can replace traditional mobile patrols, static security guards, and conventional CCTV cameras. This is because of their latest technology, where they can transmit live images and be accessed remotely.

The trailers have their network recorder and internet connection which the client can access from any compatible device or computers in any part of the world. They are solar-powered, and you won’t have to pay for power costs any time you deploy them. In the event of a solar failure, there is a diesel generator to provide the required power.

These surveillance cameras can identify intrusions even under low light conditions. These devices operate using the latest technology as thermal imagine, video analytics, and infrared technology to detect things that normally humans cannot. These CCTV cameras view a wider area, and using their passive infrared detectors, they can identify intrusions in the entire site of their surveillance.

Additionally, they have a loudspeaker option, which can communicate to the suspects who are on-site to move away. And with the red and blue siren lights, it will prevent crime. If the suspect arrives with a vehicle to the site, then the license plate capture option will make it easier to capture the offenders. And when someone crosses or drives through the perimeter, the camera analytics will alert you. Finally, you can manage everything seamlessly at the comfort of your home using a mobile app.

Theft Prevented By Mobile CCTV Trailer At Construction Site

Who Needs Mobile CCTV Trailers?

Considering their latest technology, the trailers are ideal for law enforcement, construction companies, and alarm companies. They provide reliable surveillance to any areas and even those without power or network infrastructure. Besides, you can rent them or purchase them, and you will enjoy both short-term and long-term lease options.

Additionally, anyone who operates a shopping center, auto auction lots, scrap metal yards, or car dealerships will need this system. The churches and temples won’t fall short of the need for this modern system.

How Mobile CCTV Trailers are Used

#1  |  24×7 Surveillance

When looking for security for your event, you can choose to hire guards. But the challenge with guards is that they can be everywhere at the same time. Therefore, security loopholes can exist in the event, making it better to opt for mobile CCTV surveillance.

These trailers consist of 30-feet tall poles with cameras mounted, and they provide a bird’s eye or 360-degree views of the event. Besides, the cameras are always operational and offer a live recording feature. A security specialist will be monitoring the surrounding remotely, and in case of any suspicious activity, he will notify the local police.

And even after arrests are made, more evidence will be needed, and the recorded videos will be the perfect evidence. Unlike witnesses who have limited human memory and may forget intricate details, the live video footage will be the best evidence. Scientific American said that it does not work like this, unlike the contrary belief that the human memory records and replays events. Instead, it reconstructs the memories, and at times, it may miss important details.

#2  |  Road Traffic Monitoring

The state road authorities usually monitor the road traffic to assist in road developments. The CCTV mobile trailers are suited for this task since they can capture the data of a location over a stipulated time. This video can be accessed locally or via the web and used at a later date. Road traffic monitoring can be used for numerous reasons, such as traffic surveying, collecting evidence for traffic modeling, and live traffic monitoring.

#3  |  Backup Surveillance Units

If a power outage occurs in a monitoring site, then the CCTV cameras will go dark. Therefore, the site or assets will be vulnerable as there won’t be any recorded activity. But with these mobile trailer units, the specialist will continue monitoring because they’re solar-powered. And if you have exhausted the solar energy, then you can use the backup diesel generator.

Overall, the units are self-sustaining, and they don’t depend on the internet or electricity to perform their tasks.

#4  |  Fast Deployment

If you are in a situation where you want to deploy CCTV cameras, you will find the mobile trailer very handy. They take only a few minutes to set up, unlike the conventional security systems that may take a longer time. The rapid deployment is because its components are mounted to the quick installing bracket.

Therefore, you can easily attach the lights, antennas, and cameras in a few seconds, and is waterproof for maximum protection against harsh weather. The solar panels are also removable for quicker and hassle-free deployment.


Mobile CCTV trailers are the best option for rapid or temporary deployment. They are self-sufficient and have been designed for long-term enforcement but can also be used during private events or for monitoring valuable assets. Its uses span across different industries, and it utilizes the latest technologies to ensure the safety of your assets or property.