An Introduction to Mobile Security Trailers

By Lee Stauss Updated on July 10, 2021

Mobile Security Trailers are an essential resource to any private-sector commercial business owner who needs to ensure that their assets are protected including their employees, the business itself, or the territory that surrounds the facility.

Who is an Ideal Fit for a Mobile Security Trailer?

Car dealerships need state of the art surveillance in an open lot where thieves often may try to steal valuable parts on a vehicle including rims, wheels, and catalytic converters. Recycling Yards, Farms, Ranches, Oil Refineries, and Construction sites are an ideal fit for implementing this type of a surveillance system as well.

In the public sector, Law enforcement will use mobile security trailers to provide temporary surveillance during “peaceful protests” and events.

Why do Private and Public Institutions Buy Them?

Businesses and Government municipalities need to protect valuable assets including tools, raw materials or heavy equipment. Mobile security trailers can be a cost-effective solution to ensuring that these assets are protected and theft is prevented.

Implementing one of these units can be significantly less expensive over the long-term, up to 60% less annually, as opposed to hiring a guard that would need to be compensated in terms of with an hourly wage and benefits.

Many business owners also purchase these trailers because there is added flexibility in terms of allowing them to rapidly deploy and outsource the monitoring for 24×7 persistent surveillance.

This allows them to monitor their operations at all times, no matter where they are, through the internet with 4G LTE transmission of live and recorded video. The trailers can be easily transported or moved to different off-grid locations where power and internet are not available.

Are Mobile Security Trailers Effective in Preventing Crime?

It’s critical that any security resource you are implementing for your business is effective at preventing theft and vandalism.

They have proven to be effective because they are typically equipped with loudspeakers providing two-way audio that enables the monitoring team to challenge intruders in real-time.

Whenever a crime is committed you have physical proof through recorded video which can streamline the investigation process by your local law enforcement as opposed to having to take a testimony by a witness. It can often be harder to prove when you are relying on someone’s testimony to convict someone that may have stolen or vandalized your property.

It has also been proven that many criminals are deterred from even committing a crime at all, once they see cameras and video surveillance equipment on a tall mast up to 30 feet off in the air.

This causes many criminals to flee automatically, preventing the theft or vandalism from taking place altogether.

How do They Prevent the Crime?

Mobile Security Trailers are able to prevent theft from ever taking place because they can be operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

These devices are also equipped with advanced video analytics that include human tracking and machine-learning capabilities. Typical trailer configurations include up to 4 PTZ cameras to ensure that every square foot is monitored and accounted for.

[mks_col] [mks_one_half]Perhaps the most powerful crime prevention feature is the live audio talk-down feature commonly available with mobile security trailers. Calling out an intruder by the style and color of clothes they are wearing makes it very uncomfortable for them and they usually leave.[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half]

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Additionally, strobe lights and even sirens can be employed to allow you to fend off intruders that may be stalking your facility during weekends and non-business hours.


So, who is an ideal fit for a mobile security trailer?

Construction companies and law enforcement are two of the many industries that have bought these trailers. The trailers can be effective in preventing crime by deterring criminals from committing crimes at all due to the intimidating cameras on tall masts 30 ft high.

These devices also come equipped with advanced video analytics such as human tracking and machine-learning capabilities which makes them more efficient than traditional surveillance towers or CCTV systems typically found around high value assets.

Consider adding mobile security trailers to your portfolio to boost profits and actually help reduce crime!