Security Camera Monitoring Service - How do I Choose One?

By Lee Stauss Updated on July 11, 2021

If you want to feel safe at all times, you should consider installing a security camera system. Guarding your property is very important both for your home and your business so that you avoid any potential liabilities.

Common security camera monitoring services include things like 24/7 professional guarding, gate control, and even mobile monitoring.

For this reason, the process of selecting the right services for your case might feel a little overwhelming.

In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about selecting a camera system for your home or business.

What Does a Monitoring Service Include?

The first thing that you have to know is what a camera monitoring service includes. Depending on your needs, you might need to select different systems so that you have maximum protection.

The most important question is the type of monitoring that best suits your premise. For example, you can install fixed cameras that will monitor your property at all times. Moreover, you can get mobile or solar video monitoring, and even access control and video entry authorization.

In any case, your service will include 24/7 guarding by professionals, video analysis and analytics, mobile apps to review the live feed from your cameras, and health monitoring to ensure that your cameras are in perfect working condition. One of the most useful services is that the Central Monitoring Station can detect and stop criminal activity in real-time as they speak directly to the intruders.

The Type of Equipment You Can Install

Every professional security provider offers you the optimal protection of your property, whether it’s your home or your business. They guarantee your safety by providing you with the most technologically advanced solutions.

There are wired and wireless cameras to choose from depending on the location that the system will be installed. Furthermore, you must decide whether you want to get an NVR or DVR system. On the one hand, IP cameras connect to your Wi-Fi network and store their data on the cloud, recording both audio and video. On the other hand, analog cameras will stream the raw footage via cables, recording with no audio.

From these two, NVR systems are the most flexible as they are better at covering the location and analyzing the footage. Moreover, you can connect your NVR to the monitoring service you will get. However, you must first check the compatibility with your provider’s system.

The company’s system will work the best for the equipment it has been originally designed for. If you want the best protection, then you should invest in the equipment that your provider is recommending. Poor quality equipment will give you poor results.

The Camera Installation Process

Once you have decided on the cameras and the type of coverage you need, experienced technicians will install the system’s hardware and software. First of all, the company’s experts will assess your property and find the best spots to install the cameras. This can get rather tricky for outdoor locations as the best places might be some that don’t have access to power for the equipment.

Nevertheless, the technicians will install whatever type of camera you require without damaging your property. Moreover, they will extend power cables to provide energy to all the devices working with electrical circuits. The specialized crew is also well-trained in networking as they need to configure the router and camera’s network.

What You Should Look in a Service Provider

The most important thing when looking for a security monitoring service provider is good customer support. Installing a system like this is a long-term commitment that entails a lot of expenses. You have to select a provider that will be readily available to you at all times so that you get the help and security you require.

In addition to this, a great provider will have employees with technical competence that can solve any issue you might encounter promptly. The company’s reporting is also of the utmost importance as you want accurate results at all times. Lastly, before you choose a provider, make sure that the company offers health monitoring, which will ensure the proper function of your security cameras.

What is the Cost of a Monitoring Service?

Most monitoring services work on a monthly fee, plus the equipment and its installation expenses. The amount of money you will need upfront ranges from $199 up to $599, depending on the type of camera and coverage you have selected. Then, the monthly fees range from $9.99 up to $62.99 per month.

Professional camera security will give you peace of mind as your property will be protected at all times. Select the coverage that is best for your case.